Amanda Alic
Fuse Works Multiples and Editions
Fuse Works
March 30 - April 21, 2011

Reception: March 30, 4-7pm
including a performance by Naval Cassidy
Curator's Talk: Ethan Crenson, 3pm
Curated By: Ethan Crenson & Amanda Alic

CCSU Art Gallery is at 1615 Stanley Street Maloney Hall, 2nd floor

Central Connecticut State University
New Britain, Connecticut
860-832-2633 or 860-832-2620
Fuse Works is pleased to present a retrospective exhibition of multiples from the Fuse Works program from 2007 to the present. The exhibition will be held at University Galleries at Central Connecticut State University and will include 57 artists and over 100 works of art comprising multiples, works on paper, books, video, audio and digital art. Since its beginnings in 2007 as the multiples and editions program at the Front Room Gallery, Fuse Works has sought out artists who treat the editioned work as a distinct artistic field with a unique conceptual bent—one which provides particularly fertile possibilites for artists wishing to engage a broader audience.

Artists in this exhibition include
Daniel Aycock, Luca Bertolo, Tyra Bombetto, Nelson Bradley, Christian Brown, Chiara Camoni & Ines Bassanetti, Naval Cassidy, Heidi Cody, Ethan Crenson, Gregory Curry, Lisa DiLillo, Domenick Di Pietrantonio, Paulo Dos Santos, Double A Projects, Glen Einbinder, Andrew Eyman, Peter Feigenbaum, Celeste Fichter, Joshua Fields, Robert Flynt, Jody Hanson, Chuck Jones, Stefanie Koseff, David Kramer, James Leonard, Lotte Lindner & Till Steinbrenner, Travis Lindquist, Rebecca Loyche, John Marriott, Tom Mulligan, Jan Obornik, Serge Onnen, Allan Packer, Oscar Perez, Melissa Pokorny, Ross Racine, Marshall Reese & Nora Ligorano, Matt Richards, Emily Roz, David Schulz, David Shapiro, Jeremy Slater, John O. Smith, Patricia Smith, Jan Lynn Sokota, George Spencer, Anna Stein, Sara Ching-Yu Sun, Jeremy James Thompson, Alison Unsworth, Jason Van Anden, Kathleen Vance, Piers Watson, Edie Winograde.
UPCOMING: Fuse Works at the Front Room Gallery
Opening June 3rd, 2011
Fuse Works, 305 6th STREET #1, Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA,